Deanna Adler

Weight Loss Coach and Motivational Speaker

“I didn’t realize how valuable a coach could be, especially in this very personal area of weight loss. Starting from the very first session, Deanna helped to clarify and simplify the experience. By myself, I would have made things complicated and tried to do too much, but Deanna provided an element of balance. I have struggled with this issue for over 50 years, and for the first time, I am approaching it calmly and without fear. To me, that is truly amazing!”-Donna

“Thank you again for being such an integral part of the positive changes in my life. I am truly blessed by how special you are.” Tresa

“I always come away from our meetings feeling refreshed, encouraged and like I can really do this.” Katy

“Thank you for your help, I can’t believe how much a simple concept has helped me focus and think a new way about my life.” -H.M.

“Deanna has helped me have my “lightbulb” moment. Her time and encouragement have been invaluable”-Kristin

“I am just amazed with myself. I am doing things I never dreamed I was capable of. Just a few months ago I would never have believed I could be exercising at this level.” -Michelle

“I’ve really been impressed with how Deanna seems to know the exact question to ask that will help me think about what’s really going on. She is very intune with me and is helping me see that this problem is about more than just my habits.”-Kerri

“This is exactly what I need, accountability.”-Nancy

“I have always known what to do to lose weight, I’ve just never stuck with it.  Having Deanna as my coach has allowed me to stick with it long enough to makes these changes more permanent.  She has taught me practical tips as well as shown me there is emotional/spiritual work to be done as well.”-Michelle H.