Deanna Adler

Weight Loss Coach and Motivational Speaker

And then something happened one day as I was sitting at my kitchen table, about to schedule my surgery date.  I was thinking about how unhappy I was about my body and how it was almost hopeless for someone to lose more than 100 pounds without surgery.  I was more depressed than I had ever been and I felt God’s presence come over me.  The room became silent and I heard these words, “Give this problem to Me.  Just try one more time.”  Although I was alone, the words were so loud and clear that I wondered if it had been an audible voice.  I knew it was God speaking because it certainly wasn’t me.  It didn’t make sense.  I had tried losing weight without surgery hundreds of times before and it hadn’t worked.  Why would I try it AGAIN?!  I had spent nearly 13 months qualifying for this surgery and it was my only hope of ever being normal.  I couldn’t throw all that away now!  I was angry that my only solution was slipping away.

Once I composed myself and worked through my anger and disappointment, I felt a sense of peace and calm.  God was reaching out to me and offering me another way.  I felt a very clear message that miracles were about to happen and that I was about to change.  

I gave this problem to God and promised to give it one more, last-ditch effort.  If I had known what would happen less than a year later, I’m not sure I would have really believed it.  But it was true, my life changed, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God saved my life that day.


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